Volunteer Strategy

Studies show that employees involved in company volunteer programs feel a sense of personal satisfaction just from the act of volunteering. In turn, this boosts the company’s employee retention and also has a positive impact on new hires. Volunteerism within a business brings together people from across the organization and encourages teamwork, which in turn increases job productivity. It is also a great for morale. In a recent study by the Points of Light Foundation, a national organization dedicated to strengthening volunteerism throughout the country, close to 60% of businesses strongly agree that employee volunteer programs are an effective vehicle for enhancing the company climate. Additionally, employees often report learning new skills from their volunteer experiences, skills that often translate into better performance and/or promotions within the organization (Points of Light, 2020)

Developed volunteer campaigns at both companies and nonprofit organizations in order to:

  1. Support the company and organization’s mission
  2. Foster a company culture of inclusion and engagement
  3. Promote the company and organization in internal and external media

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”