Pressing Pause Increases Buy-In

From the Podcast LaunchStreet – Everyday Innovators with Tamara Ghandour

Sometimes I rush to get buy-in for my ideas. And, when I do that I find that things tend to fall apart on the back end. Our Everyday Innovator, Jessica Hinman, shares how sometimes pressing pause and even the frustrating delays are good for deeper buy-in and and progress on your ideas. As the Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at FCP Euro she shares a great example of innovation when she solved for the root of a problem ( 3 levels deep), not the symptom on the surface, the difference between empathy and sympathy, and why you should approach life with an inquisitive and curious mind, and how to get through imposter syndrome. She also opens up about how her personal values came from not just what she wanted, but also from the negative experiences that showed what she doesn’t want.