FCP Euro Releases Inaugural CSR Impact report

08/09/2022 — FCP Euro Releases Inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Impact Report

Connecticut-based e-commerce retailer FCP Euro has released the company’s first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Annual Impact Reportdetailing its approach and engagement with the sustainability topics that matter to its greater community. In June 2020, FCP Euro took a public stance committing to creating a more deliberate and transparent focus on social responsibility. This report provides insight into how FCP Euro is working towards building an inclusive and equitable work environment, fostering eco-friendly and sustainable business and facility operations, advancing CSR collaboration within the automotive industry, and promoting education within the auto enthusiast community.

“The unprecedented crises of 2020 challenged us personally and professionally in extreme ways,” says Scott Drozd, CEO of FCP Euro. “A global pandemic to widespread social injustice tests the way we think and behave. The automotive aftermarket industry, with its complex processes and diverse supply chains, is not immune to these realities.” FCP Euro’s CSR Annual Impact Report outlines the company’s progress and achievements in its three core areas: people, environment, and society.


As detailed in the report, FCP Euro is developing a business strategy that can engage the underlying systemic hurdles to create a culture of learning and innovation. “We believe that everything we do as a business should be inherently linked with what we stand for as a company, must be aligned with our value proposition, and must have a lasting, positive impact on our communities,” says FCP Euro CEO Scott Drozd, “this belief is the groundwork of our approach to CSR which includes partnering within our industry to collectively facilitate positive change.” 

The report includes many more achievements, as well as FCP Euro’s continued commitment to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsThe full FCP Euro 2021 CSR Impact Report can be downloaded here: cares.fcpeuro.com