Casa di Langa Achieves Green Globe Certification

Casa di Langa is a promise sealed with the earth, carried on by our daily commitment to protect what is good.

Casa di Langa is Green Globe certified – a worldwide recognition for sustainable tourism.

Meeting the quality standards that have been shaping the future of tourism for over three decades is both a goal and a starting point for us. Continuing in order to repay, at least in part, the land for the benefits it provides us every day.

As General Manager, Eva Codina Candelich, reminds us, “Casa di Langa was born from a dream of a better future, where man interacts with nature without causing harm, and where the idea of respect for the environment around us is at the core of everything”.

I am immensely proud of the collaborative endeavors undertaken by the team at Krause Group in facilitating Casa di Langa’s attainment of the prestigious Green Globe Certification. This accomplishment marks yet another milestone in our journey toward fostering a sustainable future.