Creating shared value for companies and the community

I'm Jessica Hinman

My core value is to ‘lead with a purpose.’ I aspire to make the world a better place by improving society, humanity, and the environment, something that no one entity is capable of doing on its own. For lasting change to occur, government institutions, nonprofits, public organizations, sustainability experts, and for-profit businesses must focus on research, collaboration, and focus.

As a leader in Social Responsibility, Engagement, and Shared Value, I have extensive experience in the areas of social justice, sustainability, public & government affairs, and engagement. I am a recognized industry thought leader and strategic planner who is able to mobilize others through research, awareness, education, and understanding. As an experienced philanthropist and volunteer who aligns business initiatives with social responsibility programs, I am able to identify and implement meaningful volunteer initiatives.

Jessica Hinman

    I am…

  • Collaborative
  • Strategic
  • Engaging
  • Passionate
  • Imaginative
What I Do

Shared Value & CSR Implementation


Strategy & Financial

Integrate Corporate Citizenship into your core strategy for long-term sustainable impact for both company stakeholders and the community. 



Educate and empower employees to contribute in their communities. Attract and retain industry-leading talent at a time when more employees want to work for socially conscious companies. 



Develop robust communications plan that spotlight a company’s overall positioning including innovative solutions to complex, societal challenges.



The concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility and Creating Shared Value are constantly changing. To either discover more about these themes or stay on the cutting edge of new information, here are some leading resources to get you started.